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Phidonnect Solution Q&A

All you need to run a successful e-commerce site is PhiConnect. PhiConnect Premium Solution is a web service. Web service is a request/response mechanism that allows you to remotely access/modify data. It is simple and there is no installation needed. With our software you will be able to connect with major e-commerce sites, such as: Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Store, Yahoo Shopping, PayPal, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Endicia, Volusion, QuickBooks, SEO, Google Product Search, Analytics, Shopzilla and much more. Some solutions we feature are: Order and Inventory Management module, Shipping Management module, eBay Listing Management module, and/or Own Storefront module. Our software is constantly updating to provide our clients with more and better features. PhiConnect Premium Solution is here to make your life easier by saving your time and money.

Phidonnect Solution Q&A
Success Story
Order&Inventory Management
You have Yahoo Store, Volusion storefront website. Also, you are selling eBay and/or Amazon.
You still want to list your items on eBay using Blackthorne, Selling Manager or other software.
problem You have hard time to keep track of inventories and order processing for all multi-channels.
Choose PhiConnect Order & Inventory Management module to centralize order processing and inventory control.

Shipping Management
Scenario2 You import/export to print FedEx, USPS, and/or UPS labels.
problem You need easy solution.
answer Choose PhiConnect Shipping Management module to print FedEx, USPS, and/or UPS labels.
(Order & Inventory Management module subscription required)

eBay Listing Management
Scenario3 You use Blacthorne, Selling Manager Pro or other auction software to upload your items on eBay.
problem You are wasting time and money to use several different software to manage orders, inventory control, and upload items to eBay and Amazon.
Choose PhiConnect eBay Listing Management module to upload and update items on eBay and control inventories on eBay and Amazon. Sub SKU is available. (Order & Inventory Management module subscription required)

Own Storefront
Separte storefront solution, website, eBay listing tool, Amazon tool, accounting, order & inventory management, and shipping management.
problem You need one solution to take care of all the business.
answer Choose PhiConnect Own Storefront module to run successful e-commerce. (All modules needed)

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