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Door Access Control

Your Trusted Partner in Door Access Control Installation.

At PHI connect, we specialize in providing cutting-edge door access control installation services tailored to meet the security needs of businesses and organizations across various industries. With a proven track record of excellence, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art access control solutions that prioritize security, convenience, and efficiency.

Complete Access Control Solutions

Transform the way you manage security and access with our comprehensive access control system. Designed to provide seamless control and monitoring of entry points, our solution offers unparalleled peace of mind for businesses, residences, and institutions alike. From advanced biometric recognition to versatile key fobs and cards, our system ensures only authorized individuals can access designated areas. With customizable settings and intuitive interface, you have full control over who enters your premises and when. Experience enhanced security, convenience, and efficiency with our complete access control solution.


Integration with Smart Home Systems

DoorBird is compatible with various smart home platforms, allowing you to integrate your access control with other smart devices. This enables you to create a comprehensive and connected home security and automation system.

Mobile App Control:

With the DoorBird mobile app, you can remotely control and manage your access control system. Receive notifications when someone rings the doorbell, and use your smartphone to unlock doors or gates for authorized individuals.


Motion Detection and Alerts:

DoorBird's motion detection feature sends instant alerts to your mobile device when motion is detected near the camera. This enhances security by providing you with real-time awareness of potential activity around your property.

DoorBird's Multi-Tenant System:

DoorBird presents a powerful solution for properties with multiple units, affording individualized access control to tenants and streamlining visitor management. With dedicated intercoms and customizable access settings, residents can conveniently oversee and grant access to their visitors via the DoorBird app, regardless of their location. This system ensures efficient communication, centralizes management for property administrators, and provides a comprehensive record of visitor interactions, bolstering security and accountability. Seamlessly scalable and integrable, DoorBird's Multi-Tenant System delivers enhanced security, convenience, and tenant satisfaction, making it a valuable asset for any multi-unit residential or commercial property.

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