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Our Lowest Price Guaranteed policy ensures that you receive the most competitive pricing for your security needs. Here are the details of our conditional guarantee:

  1. Presentation Format: We only honor competitor's quotations that are provided in printed or PDF format with the competitor's official letterhead. This helps ensure the authenticity of the pricing information.

  2. License Information: The competitor's quotation should include the C7 and C10 license information, demonstrating that they are a licensed security provider. This helps maintain industry standards and ensures a fair comparison.

  3. Timing of Competitor's Quotation: We can only honor competitor's quotations that are presented to us prior to receiving our own quotation. If the competitor's pricing is provided after you have received our quotation, we are unable to match or beat their price.

  4. Identical Products and Services: The competitor's quotation must be for the same security camera system and include similar products, services, and warranties. This allows for an accurate comparison of pricing and ensures that you receive the same level of quality and functionality.

  5. Competitor's Credibility: To ensure a fair comparison, we will verify the credibility of the competitor. This includes checking their years in business and reviewing their website. We aim to provide you with the best value from reputable and established security companies.

  6. General Conditions: Our Lowest Price Guaranteed policy applies to new installations and projects. It does not apply to ongoing maintenance or service contracts. Additionally, the competitor's quotation must be from a reputable and established security company operating within the same geographical area.

At PHI Connect, we are committed to providing you with the best value for your security solutions. Our Lowest Price Guaranteed policy ensures that you can have confidence in receiving the most competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality standards. By verifying the credibility of competitors and considering all necessary factors, we strive to offer you the best possible deal for your security camera system.

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