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PhiConnect Introduces Free ‘Custom Fit’ of Multi-Channel Inventory Control and Order Management of eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Store, and Volusion

PhiConnect will custom fit multi-channel inventory control, order processing and multi marketplace management for online retailers selling eBay, Amazon and Buy.com while offering up to 50% to 70% fee savings comparing that of competitors.

Los Angeles, CA August 23, 2011

PhiConnect.com, a leading provider of e-commerce platforms and multi-channel management, announced free ‘Custom Fit’ service of their Multi-Channel Inventory Control, Order Processing, and Listing Management resulting time and money saving and increased sales.

In order to adapt fully functional multi-channel inventory control and order processing, most of high volume retailers subscribe multi-channel management solution and inventory & order management software separately. The reason is that many eBay and Amazon management software manage the inventory data as ‘text’ format which can be easily manipulated or modified. Also, they allow ‘in-line editing’ which increases the inaccuracy of quantity of the item. Not like other solution, PhiConnect introduced new ‘Multi-Channel Inventory Control’ that it doesn’t allow in-line editing for quantity change. This prevents any non authorized or inaccurate quantity change from all workers to have more accurate inventory control for storefront, eBay and Amazon management. Also, all sales and purchase histories as well as return information will be recorded so that online retailers can view the entire life of the item.

All sellers have different needs for their e-commerce platform. Online retailers using Yahoo Small Business may need 3rd party API Yahoo Store order management and centralized inventory database. Sellers using Volusion and Magento may need to integrate with eBay listing management software and centralized inventory control for their multi sales channels. Some retailers need to export and integrate with QuickBooks. Stories go on and on.

Many multi-channel management solution subscribers find that they need more customization in order to use the software. However, most of the multi-channel management company do not customize the solution or they require extra charge for any customization. Since PhiConnect is developed by 12 years of experienced eBay and Amazon seller, PhiConnect understands the needs and offer free ‘Custom Fit’ for online retailers. They will develop and quickly add features if necessary.

Daniel Kim, the team leader, noted that “Online sellers are getting pressured in between eBay, Amazon policies and different e-commerce platforms. They need to have faster order processing, better inventory control and listing management. Our ‘Custom Fit’ software will help online retailers to complete their daily routine and time consuming jobs easily and automatically.”

PhiConnect.com also offers a free consultation and a free trial. An e-commerce specialist will have an online demo session with many suggestions and guidance.

Main features of PhiConnect can be broken down into three features: saving money and time.

Money-saving features

Up to 50% ~ 70% monthly fee savings comparing to competitors
Free ‘Custom Fit’ modification if necessary
Don’t need to buy or subscribe expensive inventory control and listing management software separately.
Free supersize pictures, scheduling, and unlimited image hostings for eBay sellers
Time-saving features
All-in-one core features of true ‘Multi-channel Inventory Control’, ‘Order Processing’, ‘Listing Management’, ‘Storefront’, and ‘Shipping Module’.
Automatic features finish the job easily like post-sale activities.
12 year selling experienced company understands the different needs of each seller
About PhiConnect

The solution was developed by 12 year experienced eBay Titanium PowerSeller and Amazon seller. PhiConnect helped many multi-million online sellers of multi-channel to reduce time of their inventory control, order processing and listing management. Also, PhiConnect offers own storefront and shipping modules so that online sellers don’t need to jump back and forth with different software. The PhiConnect’s all-in-one platform can save time and money since online retailers don’t need to subscribe storefront, listing management, inventory control, order processing, and shipping management all separately with different companies. The PhiConnect platform make online retailers possible to distribute their products to multiple marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Google Product Search, Shopping.com, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla. Also, the PhiConnect’s automatic SEO feature can generate meta keywords, meta description, and URL rewrite automatically which can offer optimization for Google and Yahoo. For further information, visit http://www.PhiConnect.com.

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