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Listing Management

eBay and Amazon Listing Management will help you increase eBay and Amazon sales and productivity.
Listing Management Solution is developed by a Titanium PowerSeller to help other PowerSellers increase their sales.


  • Designed by a Titanium PowerSeller with over 15 years of eBay selling experience, for PowerSellers and Volume sellers
  • Create eBay items individually or in bulk with Microsoft Excel
  • eBay Motors support
  • Functional, easy to use eBay features
  • Free templates or self custom templates are available
  • Revise price, quantity, title, duration, and description remotely
  • Quick sales and success reports at the listing page
  • Shipping status updated remotely
  • Log-in from anywhere
  • Multiple eBay ID support
  • Free advanced scheduling (no $0.10/item fee)
  • Free supersizing pictures
  • Free picture hosting
  • Free multiple photos per listing
  • No more re-linking pictures or descriptions
  • Automatic sales order generation
  • PayPal API connection and automatic payment linking
  • Automatic filing for not-paying bidders
  • Automatic feedback posting
  • Automatic relisting
  • Post automation rules: Keep a certain number of active listings and/or end early when inventory is out of stock



Integrate with Amazon Management to increase sales and productivity. PhiConnect Premium Solution is developed by an Amazon seller with over 10 years of selling experience.

  • UPC/ASIN records and separate Amazon pricing
  • Automatically download orders from Amazon’s Sellercentral
  • Automatically upload inventory and new pricing to Amazon’s Sellercentral
  • Manage post sale activities including: automatic tracking number upload and updated shipping status
  • Automatic Inventory Adjustment updates
  • Unlimited item management