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Inventory Management

Centralize order and inventory management for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Store and Storefronts
Finally you can centralize your order processing and manage your inventory for eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Yahoo Store, and storefronts. PayPal information is also updated automatically. Sales information may be exported to QuickBooks for external accounting management. With an additional fee, you can print USPS/UPS labels with your invoices.


  • Two-step invoicing enables the separate management of pending orders and completed orders. This gives the support of true stock quantity.
  • Back orders, pending orders, sales quotes, and problem orders can easily be managed.
  • Automatic eBay API order downloading and invoice generator
  • PayPal API integration
  • Amazon MWS API enables instant order downloading and invoice generator
  • Automatic Yahoo Store API order downloading
  • Update eBay and Amazon shipping statuses
  • Export invoices and purchase orders to QuickBooks
  • Various sales reports are available
  • Instant daily, weekly, and monthly draft sales profit reports are available, which summarizes COGS, shipping charges, and eBay fees


  • Enterprise level inventory control
  • Easy item importing
  • Traceable inventory control
  • Item aging report allows you to reduce your older stock
  • Item sale log
  • One centralized system keeps all transaction history
  • Only accept inventory changes when a sales invoice or purchase receipt is issued
  • Manipulation is not allowed. No in-line editing for quantity adjustment
  • Only approved employees may modify inventory
  • Easy uploading of physical inventory in Microsoft Excel file format
  • Manual write-off function for inventory adjustments
  • Amazon’s inventory automatically updated