Crowdfunding is not new. In the United States, sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have achieved great success. They have even grabbed the attention of inventors and companies from across the world. The main audience, however, is still in America. For Koreans, this makes it difficult to take advantage of crowdfunding fully. You are not targeting your audience using American sites.

Chollian.com gives you an alternative crowdfunding that is just for Koreans. Korean inventors, businesses, organizations, and individuals can use this site to fund their ideas or businesses and fund other people’s ideas or businesses. It is crowdfunding for the Korean crowd.


Korean crowdfunding gives inventors, businesses, and other talented individuals the opportunity to get necessary funds. All of this is in Korea, too. The audience for the site and the base for the site are in Korea. This means that the people who fund you are also your potential customers. They are the ones who are most likely to buy your products, pay for your services, or check out what you are doing. This helps you on two fronts. First, you get the money that you need to get everything up and moving forward. Second, you will have an interested audience from the start who are most likely going to spend money on what you offer. It is an important tool for success these days.

The Korean contributors can gain more from Chollian.com than they can the American alternatives, too. As stated, sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe typically target the American audience. This means that the product or service you fund may not be available to you in Korea. With Chollian.com, however, everything is in Korea. The ideas that you see are actually in your own country. When you help fund someone’s invention or business, you can actually spend money on it after release or when it is up and running.

Chollian.com offers the tools that everyone needs to get funds or help others get started. It is a simple website with a simple layout. For Korean inventors, businesses, and individuals in need of funds, you just have to put up your information and see if people will fund it. For investors, the people who want part of the product or plan, you can easily browse through available projects. Fund what interests you and watch it go on its path until closing. It is the best way to support the local visionaries, inventors, businesses, and organizations that need help and gain some rewards for yourself in the process.