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PhiConnect Introduces a Faster Order Processing Solution for Yahoo! Stores Merchants with Inventory Control, Multi-Channel Management, & QuickBooks Integration

PhiConnect Solution (http://www.PhiConnect.com) can help many Yahoo! Small Business users obtain better order management, QuickBooks integration, live inventory control, Amazon and eBay management for as low as $100

Los Angeles, CA September 29, 2011

PhiConnect.com, a leading provider of all-in-one e-commerce platforms, back-office, and multi-channel management, announced that their better and faster order processing, inventory control and other scalable solutions are now being offered to Yahoo Store merchants.

Many Yahoo Small Business merchants are using third party Yahoo order management solutions and inventory control to do their daily jobs. One of the biggest problems presented is Yahoo Store merchants are unable to find a better all-in-one solutions for faster order processing, inventory control, shipping label printing or other scalable options like multi-channel management for eBay and Amazon marketplace.

PhiConnect can answer those problems and offer a better and faster scalable web service for Yahoo! Store Merchants of any sizes. First, this solution minimizes local internet traffic because all API activities take place at their datacenter equipped with faster internet speed. The speed of download and upload won’t be affected by clients’ local internet or computer. Secondly, PhiConnect offers an easy shipping label printing feature. Merchants can easily print out UPS or USPS labels with invoices on a single page, minimizing human error when shipping packages. Third, merchants can offer PhiConnect’s ‘Online Return Service’ on their storefront to minimize telephone calls and e-mail requests for returns while maximizing customer satisfaction. A Nicely organized record keeping system can reduce any confusion in the return processes. Fourth, merchants can export invoices and purchase orders toQuickBooks to meet complicated accounting needs. Finally, there is no installation or maintenance such as local needed backup, because PhiConnect is a web service. Yahoo Stores merchants can log in from their home, office, warehouse, and anywhere else.

PhiConnect has many scalable money-making features. PhiConnect has an optional storefront module allowing merchants to build up a secondary storefront in case of power outage or to use as a secondary marketing tool with its shopping feed integration with Google and SEO compatibility. Also, Yahoo Store merchants can expand their business to eBay and Amazon in mere hours. This solution has full listing features and other management features for major marketplaces.

Daniel Kim, the team leader, noted that “PhiConnect offers a ‘30 Day Money Back Guarantee’ because we are certain that we can satisfy Yahoo Store merchants. We will help online retailers complete their daily routine and time consuming jobs easily and automatically.”

PhiConnect.com also offers a free consultation and a free trial. An e-commerce specialist will have an online demo session with many suggestions and guidance.

Main features of PhiConnect can be broken down into two features: time-saving and money-making features

Time-saving features

  • Fast order processing since Server-to-Server API import and export takes place
  • Offers own shipping label printing options or ‘ShipWorks’ integration
  • Organized Purchase Orders, Return Process and Return Credit book keeping features
  • QuickBooks integration to fulfill accounting needs
  • No installation and maintenance needed because of central web service

Money-making features

  • Alternative web store opening is almost automatic in case of an emergency
  • Additional management options available for eBay, Amazon, and other marketplace
  • Affordable fees as low as $100
  • Free supersize pictures, scheduling, and unlimited image hosting for eBay sellers

About PhiConnect
The solution was developed by a 12 year experienced Yahoo! Store user, eBay Titanium PowerSeller and Amazon seller. PhiConnect helped many multi-million online sellers of multi-channel to reduce time of their inventory control, order processing and listing management. Also, PhiConnect offers own storefront and shipping modules so that online sellers don’t need to jump back and forth with different software. The PhiConnect’s all-in-one platform can save time and money since online retailers don’t need to subscribe storefront, listing management, inventory control, order processing, and shipping modules all separately with different companies. The PhiConnect platform make online retailers possible to distribute their products to multiple marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Google Product Search, Shopping.com, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla. Also, the PhiConnect’s automatic SEO feature can generate meta keywords, meta description, and URL rewrite automatically which can offer optimization for Google and Yahoo. For further information, visit http://www.PhiConnect.com.

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