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Reduce buyers’ disputes, phone calls, e-mails, negative feedbacks and increase buyers’ satisfaction by providing your buyers with an online “Return Service.”
Once you have signed up for this “Return Service”, you will receive your own link ( to attach to your e-mail template which you send to your buyers. If your buyer needs to return a purchased item, they can click this link to fill out their e-mail and eBay item # to request a return number instead of filing a Paypal dispute, calling you, and/or sending e-mails. After they have filled out the form, you can check the “Return Service” at your own convenience and decide whether you will give the Return Authorization Number by e-mail or eBay messages, or deny the return request. You can also configure the settings to give the Return Authorization # and Return Address by default or you can hide the Return Authorization # and manually give the number when you approve the return request.
This "Return Service" is composed of 4 steps.

Request : This will be filled out automatically when your buyer enters his/her e-mail and eBay item #. This will reduce Paypal disputes, phone calls, negative feedbacks and etc. since this online return service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Processing : Sellers will decide whether to approve or cancel/deny the return request. Approval/denial will depend on the return policy stated by the seller. Sellers can send either an eBay message or an e-mail to the buyer with their Return No. (Sellers can also configure to either show the Return No. and return address at the time of buyers’ online request or hide the Return No. until approval)

Inspection : Once the return item has arrived, sellers can enter records of the condition, testing results, and any other memo for future reference. People who handle the return can leave his/her initials to avoid confusion.

Conclusion : The Return manager can conclude the return as an exchange, refund, repair or other conclusion, and issue any credits or refunds. He/she can let the buyer know the conclusion by sending an eBay message or an e-mail. Afterwards, the return manager can sort out the total returns by using the filters to sort by exchange, refund, under repair and other.
Sellers can also keep track of the authorization/denial of returns, expecting returns, inspection records, and final conclusion records. Additionally, sellers can use this easy record keeping for charge backs, UPS/FedEx lost claims, insurance claims, problem reporting, repairs and etc. Sellers can also see any delays of returns and refunds by using the filters.

Example e-mail template: A seller attaches his online return link to their e-mail template so that buyers know how to return with ease.

Congratulations on winning the auction! I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for purchasing from us. I appreciate your business.
If you need to return this item, please use our automated return service ( Within one to two business days, we will contact you ASAP. Please let us work it out before leaving any negative feedback or dispute. Thank you very much.

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