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PhiConnect.com Introduces New Variation Inventory Control and Order Processing for eBay, Amazon Sellercentral and Own Online Store

PhiConnect Solution (http://www.PhiConnect.com) updates newinventory control and listing of variation which will save time and money for fashion and accessory e-retailers

Los Angeles, CA February 29, 2012

PhiConnect.com, a leading provider of e-commerce platforms, introduces new enhancements of inventory control features, allowing Amazon and eBay sellers to update stock and end listings when an item is sold out. E-retailers are eager to enter the world’s two biggest marketplaces, eBay and Amazon, but the biggest problem is the multi-channel inventory control including their own online stores. PhiConnect solution can track and update real inventory after the managing of cancellations, back-orders, modifications and sales on different sales channels. Also, new enhancements make it possible to update stock of each variation on eBay and Amazon, and PhiConnect is one of very few software services that can manage inventory on each color and size on eBay and Amazon.

PhiConnect.com aims to offer an all-in-one solution for e-retailers so that they can centralize their own online stores and other selling channels with one seamless integration solution. There are some software packages and services can offer own online store, listing, order processing, inventory control, payments and shipping separately, but PhiConnect can truly offer building up an online store, integration and management all in one back-end service.

Daniel Kim, Project Manager, noted: “Our solution can update ‘True’ inventory for eBay, Amazon and online store, including variations. This feature will put us one step higher.”

PhiConnect.com also offers a free consultation and a free trial. An e-commerce specialist will have an online demo session with you with many suggestions and guidance.

About PhiConnect:

PhiConnect was developed by a Yahoo! Store user, eBay Titanium PowerSeller and Amazon seller, with 12 years experience. PhiConnect has helped many multi-million online sellers of multi-channels to reduce the time and labor of their inventory control, order processing and listing management. PhiConnect also offers an own storefront and shipping modules so sellers do not need to switch between different software. PhiConnect all-in-one platform can save time and money because online retailers will not need to subscribe to storefront, listing management, inventory control, order processing, and shipping module services separately. PhiConnect’s platform gives online retailers the ability to distribute their product to multiple marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Google Product Search, Shopping.com, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla. Additionally, PhiConnect’s automatic SEO feature can generate meta keywords, meta description, and URL rewrite automatically for search optimization for Google and Yahoo. For further information, please visit PhiConnect.com.


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