PhiConnect FAQ

Q: How will my buyers know where to file return request?

First, we will give your own customize return link,, after you subscribe. 
You can add this link to your eBay template or listings.  You can also add this link to your e-mail when you send e-mails to your buyers.

Q: How can this return service reduce disputes, phone calls, negative feedbacks, and e-mails?

Many buyers have difficulty to contact sellers for returns on  Their e-mails are usually stuck with other regular e-mails or sometimes blocked because of spam filters.  They need immediate attention, but sellers have hard time to spot urgent return request and keep records and tracks of return process.  If sellers use this "Return Service", sellers can designate return person to react and respond faster and more accurate.  Buyers get more confidence to bid or buy since they know how to return it and they can expect better handling and management.  Buyers also know when to expect their answer which minimizes disputes and negative feedbacks.

Q: How much is it to use?
A. We offer free trial 15 days, and then it will be $9.95 flat monthly.

Q: Does it have to always 4 step return process?
A. No, sellers can skip to Conclusion stage or complete all steps in one day.

Q: Is it easy for buyers to fill out the online "Return Service"?
A. All information including eBay ID, e-mail, eBay item #, description, purchased price and etc. will be filled out automatically. Buyers just need to enter eBay item no. and his/her e-mail. Then, they need to choose return reason and request.

Q: What if buyers are filling out wrong eBay item # or e-mail?
A. "Return Service" will automatically check validation of eBay item # and e-mail. Then, it will tell to buyers to correct any wrong information.

Q: Do you have a Return Service Seal ?
A. Yes.
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